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Mt Horrid Talus Caves

Cave Type: Horizontal

Rock Type: Granitoid gneiss, Mount Holly complex

Description: Three large talus caves, first recorded by Robert W. Carroll Jr. in the 1970s, exist in the talus slopes of Mt Horrid. These are Mt Horrid Ice Cave, Chiller Cave, and Gargantua Cave. Unlike typical talus caves, which are short and rarely dark, these contain large dark rooms and even an occasional climb.

This area is closed annually from March 15- August 1 to protect peregrine falcons. Area closures may be lifted if falcons are not present. Inquiries should be directed to the Forest Service Rochester Ranger District at 1-802-767-4261.

Difficulty: Moderate

Photographers retain their copyrights on all photos, and they are used here with permission.